retro-flavored facilities
A hideaway by the sea

 Opened in 1881, Kawzu Kaien is steeped in the traditions of Japanese hospitality.

 Located just in front of the sea and flanked by the mountains of the Izu peninsula,the inn has been welcoming guests seeking a refuge for body and soul formore than a century.

 Besides enjoying hot spring baths and fresh food served in step with the season, guests can also watch their seafood being grilled at a Meiji-era fireplace as they relax over dinner.

 While preserving ourlegacy, we have decided to build on it and adapt it to the needs to those living in the 21st century.

 The inn was remodeled in 2005 to offer our guests the latest amenities, which include a wireless Internet connection in all seven bedrooms

Rooms to relax in

We can welcome up to 30 guests at any one time.

 Our seven bedrooms comprise two traditional Japanese rooms and five decorated in a fusion of Japanese and Western styles. All the rooms come with toilets and the Japanese rooms also have attached showers.

 Every room has a view of the sea and on a clear day, you will be able to see a number of islands on the horizon. Our rooms are named after those islands.

 Besides a wireless Internet connection, the amenities also include towels, yukata (traditional bathrobes), toothbrushes and toiletries.

Soak your aches away

 Hot springs have long been associated in Japan with healing. We have three hot spring baths, one of which is located outdoors.

 While our baths are open 24 hours a day, it is possible to book one for exclusive use from 19:30 to 22:30. Each party can enjoy the bath for 40 minutes.

 To reserve a bath, please inform us when you check in which slot you would like from the following schedule:

  1) 19:30 ~ 20:10
  2) 20:15 ~ 20:55
  3) 21:00 ~ 21:40
  4) 21:45 ~ 22:25

The baths are divided into the men’s side (one large pool) and the women’s side (two smaller pools, one of which is the outdoor bath). Guests can reserve either side regardless of gender.

 To check which side is which, look for the wooden plaque hanging next to the entrance. 殿方 indicates that the bath is for gentlemen and 姫方, for ladies.

 The plaques are switched in the morning so guests can experience all three baths.

 If you see a plaque with the characters, 貸切, next to an entrance, that bath has been reserved.

 There is a charge of 150 yen per adult for use of the baths. Children can enter for free.

 For health reasons, we recommend waiting for 30 minutes to an hour after a meal before taking a bath.

A little bit extra

To help you relax, we have added massage to our services. We offer a range of session options: 40-minute (5,000 yen), 60-minute (7,000 yen).

 Please let our staff know if you would like to book a session. To maximize the experience, we encourage guests to soak in one of the baths before the massage.

Savor the taste of Kawazu Kaien

 The cuisine at our inn is a highlight of a stay here.

 As we are located right next to the ocean, we are able to serve a variety of seafood at the height of freshness. And luckily for sashimi fans, our region is also known for its wasabi.

 Meals at the inn are served in our restaurant or in a Meiji-era room, which can take up to 10 diners at one time.
 For bigger occasions, we also have a banquet hall that can seat 50 guests.

Room rates

 Packages catering to a range of tastes are available:

1) Meiji dining  Travel back in time as you dine by a fireplace more than a hundred years old and feast on rock lobsters grilled in front of your eyes.
 Breakfast: Served in restaurant
 Rates: 24,300 yen per person (Japanese-Western fusion bedroom)

2) Rock lobster and grilled abalone feast
 Enjoy the taste of the sea in our restaurant.
 Breakfast: Served in restaurant
 Rates: 18,900 yen per person (if staying in Japanese-Western fusion room)or 19,900 yen per person (if staying in Japanese room)

3) Abalone special
 Abalone forms the centerpiece of dinner.
 Breakfast: Served in restaurant
 Rates: 18,000 yen per person (if staying in Japanese-Western fusion room)or 19,000 yen per person (if staying in Japanese room)

4) Season’s bounty
 Feast on an ever-changing variety of fish in our restaurant.
 Breakfast: Served in restaurant
 Rates: 16,500 yen per person (if staying in Japanese-Western fusion room)or 17,500 yen per person (if staying in Japanese room)

5) Kinmedai special
 The highlight of dinner is kinmedai, a kind of bream.
 Breakfast: Served in restaurant
 Rates: 14,500 yen per person (if staying in Japanese-Western fusion room)or 15,500 yen per person (if staying in Japanese room)

 Please note that the prices above are the base rates. The actual rate may rise and fall slightly depending on the number of guests in the party as well as whether the booking is for a weekday or weekend stay.

How to find us

 For those not familiar with driving on Japanese roads, the easiest way to get to Kawazu Kaien is probably by train.  There is a direct service from Tokyo Station to Kawazu called the Odoriko Gou (踊り子号). The journey takes about two and a half hours and the inn is just a five-minute walk away from Kawazu Station.*

 Part of the JR network, the express service is named after Izu no Odoriko (The Dancing Girl of Izu), a work which earned author Yasunari Kawabata popular and critical acclaim.

 Kawabata later won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first Japanese person to do so.  In the story, a Tokyo student goes hiking in Izu, where he meets a young dancer. Though lonely and depressed, he begins to change after getting to know the girl and her family.

 We hope that by visiting us in Izu, you will also leave refreshed in body and spirit.

→「“KAWAZU” transportation information」 →「“KAWAZU” tourist attraction」

We’d love to hear from you

If you would like to make a booking or ask us about the inn, please write to us at .

 While we are able to handle e-mail inquiries in English, we regret to inform you that we have no English speakers among the inn staff. However, should you choose to visit us, we will do our best to make your stay a comfortable one despite the language barrier.

 Check-in is from 15:00 to 18:00 and checkout, 10:00. We accept payment by cash, Visa and Mastercard.

 * We try to meet guests at the station but we hope that you will understand that, in busy periods, this is not always possible. In such cases, we will provide detailed instructions on how to get from the station to the inn.